Bellevue Hospital - Ambulatory Care

Project Details

Electrical Contractor

$12 Million

Dormitory Authority - State of New York

New York, NY

207,000 Square Feet


Project Description

This project encompasses approximately 207,000 square feet and includes a 21,000-square-foot lobby/atrium area that is the focal point of the facility and the new grand entrance to the hospital. The MEP/FP systems that serve the lobby are aesthetically integrated into the building’s architecture. The HVAC systems that serve the atrium utilize a tiered distribution and a smoke purge system, in excess of 300,000 cfm, that were incorporated into the architectural design of the lobby and atrium areas. The project also entailed the renovation and reconfiguration of an existing 55,000-square-foot patient unit to a new critical care unit, as well as infrastructure upgrades, including the refurbishment of a 9,000-ton chiller plant, new air-handling units and air distribution systems, and the addition of a campus chilled water distribution system. Scope of work included the installation of a new incoming service, switchgear, and a complete power distribution system. Five Star was also responsible for the installation of a complete emergency system, which included a new generator, ATS and emergency feeders. In addition, Five Star installed all lighting and lighting controls, fire alarm system, tel/data, and a lightning protection system.